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New York Book Party, October 26, 2008
New York Book Party, October 26, 2008

The fall 2008 tour in support of Me as her again: True Stories of an Armenian Daughter went pretty well, with readings in New York and L.A.  Check out more scenes from the coast to coast audiences on the Photos page.

Media news:

  • The book was reviewed in The Armenian Reporter by Shusan Avagyan on December 6 in the Arts & Culture section.  (Online article here. )  Shushan described the book as “an utterly queer memoir” in her headline, and amazingly, this fairly conservative newspaper ran it (and on page 2!)
  • Karine Chakarian also interviewed me and wrote a fine article on my work in general for the October 25th issue of The Armenian Reporter (on p. A9 of the general section, under Community News.  Archived issues of TAR are available here.)
  • Hrag Vartanian kindly did a nice interview of me on his very cool blog, “on art, culture, photography, writing and ideas.”

Call For Responses

People keep emailing or calling with their very astute thoughts and ideas about the book.  And people keep asking me about these responses.  I have found it interesting to hear the variety of topics and passages that people are most struck by, whether Armenian or not Armenian.  So if you’ve read the book, consider posting a review or response on this page, under Comments, as a way to contribute your thoughts and to read what others are thinking.

Save the Dates:

On January 13th and 14th, I’ll be performing my piece Water and Wine, on the role of women in the Armenian Apostolic Church, in Geneva, Switzerland, at the Theatre St. Gervais.  “Water and Wine” is composed of narrative excerpts from Me as her again, monologues on my experiences in the church, and self invented rituals, including cross-dressing. Utopiana, who first invited me to perform in Armenia, is co-presenting the performance for Mémoires blessées, or Wounded memories, a month long series of readings, exhibtions, concerts, and conferences, “dedicated to the memories injured, with the culminating day of memory, January 27, organized with the Department of the Education of the Canton of Geneva.”  (The quote is from Google’s translation of the theatre’s webpage.)  See the St Gervais postcard.

On February 11th, 12th and 13th I’ll be bringing Me as her again to the heartland with three readings in Bloomington, Illinois.  And in New York I’ll read on February 15th at the Sunday Salon.  I’ll post the info in the next month or so as the dates approach.

Where to Buy

As always you can purchase Me as her again through Aunt Lute Books, independent bookstores, and Amazon.  (I just received word there is some glitch with the Aunt Lute website. They’re working on it, but in the meantime, you might try deleting your cookies or calling them directly at 415 826-1300 and speak with their wonderful staff.)

Happiness and peace and prosperity for the end of this unusual year and into the next.  Remember to tell an Armenian “Merry Christmas” or “Soorp Dznoont” on January 6.